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... whoa! [ male announcer ] the coors light silver bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. don't you do it. don't you do it! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer! cannot talk about it because they have sued abc. it is outrageous. this company secretly peddles this horrible thing called pink slime, and they won't talk about it now that they were caught by those heroes at abc? except, speaking of food but, what i just said now is of her bunk. and meat is safe. what abc calls pincus line is safe. explain. >> well, when the polite word. abc went on a crusade. three nights in of rope. the first three minutes of their broadcast they said that term. john: well, why shouldn't they? >> because it's not. it's ground beef. i have been to the factory where they manufacture this. i am a city boy. john: there is some of it in here. i'm going to eat. >> we have all eatenit. a couple of activists did not like this scientific process that separates the beef trimming so that you get the remaining ground beef. the point of this term delibe
't do it without them. bank of america, dignity health, miller coors, diamond foods, virgin america, pg&e, and sales force to help to make this civic celebration possible. we thank you. and of course we must recognize the giants broadcast partner sports bay area that brings sports to our giants fans all season long and made it possible for this to be watched all over northern california. all right. are you ready now? we can really get it started. [cheers and applause] . i said are you ready? [cheers and applause] it is my pleasure now to introduce two members of the best broadcast team in baseball. please welcome dave fleming and john miller. >> now, all along the parade route this song that echoed through the ballpark and my broadcast partner on the radio dave fleming somehow has involuntary reaction to it. a lot of people think he's so into it. whenever the music comes on he can't contain himself. it's not even that and i'm going to show you it right now. >> i'm not sure where you're going with this john. >> it's uncontrollable for him so he's not really into even the thought o
announcer ] the coors light silver bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the colde. don't you do it. don't you do it! [ male announcer ] ost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer! ♪ . melissa: and now, to the fiscal cliff. things seem to take a 180 as news out of the white house indicated progress, made. earlier senator orrin hatch said both sides were about dal billion away from a deal. that sounds like a lot. in washington that is nothing, going over the cliff. we were looking more than 600 dal billion in tax increases and spending cuts. wall street was pleased what they heard today. the president is meeting with top ceos as we speak. make of that what you like. with his take, wyoming senator john barrasso. thanks for coming back to the show. we always appreciate your time. >> thank you, melissa. melissa: what do you think? are we getting closer? to me 23 dal billion, that is a little money. but to you guyuys that is coins in the couch cushion. >> i want to find a solution. i want us to get to an answer on this. some democrats said we should go over th
announcer ] the coors light sier bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. don't you do i don't you do it! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer! ♪ . melissa: so gun sales blow the roof off black friday. get this. one gun and ammo store in texas saw their sales skyrocket 400% from a regular friday. from an average of $20,000, $78,000. what a day. patrick woods is the director of operations and development with spring guns and ammo. he is here to tell us all about it. patrick, welcome back to the show. thanks so much for coming on. you know, you had a fantastic friday but you're not alone. i mean the stats are really ovwhelming. when you look at the background checks of the fbi, they said they feeled 154,873 calls, a 20% increase, from last year's black fridayhich was an all-time record last year. what is it about black friday? is it, is it spending thanksgiving with your family that makes you want to go out and get a gun? what is it about black friday that gets people to the store to buy guns? >> i think it is a mix of t
it. what you looking at? ha! cat-like reflexes... whoa! [ malennouncer ] the coors light silver bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. don't you do it. don't you dot! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer! can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >> you should be here during the break but i am glad you are not. what will you do to get a deal done? no media, and no cellphone nobody leaves until the deal is done. i would make real cuts and trying to get washington to stop overspending is like trying the thanksgiving pie from my hands. stand tough no tax increase whatsoever.
coor's techniques more likely than not you are doing in on an innocent person who will then no doubt speak, say things, say things in a perhaps, that you wanted to say, and that will besmirch the whole intelligence gathering process because you will then thing, though, we actually got a terrorist emigrate. we should keep doing this. the mall we heard in the more he talks. meanwhile this is an innocent person who is. nonsense to get you to stop administering them. >> what are some of the frequent questions you get from the cadets here at the naval academy and interrogations? >> they tend to be practically minded folks and often want to know what actually works and actually does not work. i think many of them to not -- let me put it this way. there happy to hear that course of techniques are unreliable because they don't want to be asked to do those sorts of things. i think many of my may shipment are tough minded people, and they're willing to do difficult things to serve their country, but they hope this is not one of the things that would be asked to do. >> michael skerker, one of t
. art has the power tea coor a bng joy into people's lives. that ia inspired this musician to fndrt network, a group of artisto pfo i pli rkfr o crg >> in this ctil tes pele need art and culture more than ever before. thanaetn to honest values. >> art, culture, and le. >> here at least, hfforts e alreadyaving an effect >> in russia, a new law has come into fce, requiring organizations that receive funding from abroad t risr fei ant dam conscious of the days of the cold war, and the affected grpsre n aalhay abtho ilitions. >> many plan to boycott the law, including an election watchdog. this russian election watchdog now has to declare itself a foreign agent because it receives funding from the u.s. and eop. >>t is car tos that any group that does not register as an agent and is viewed as a nuisance by the state apparatus lle rsto be put throu the wnger by th authorities. >> the new law passed tou paianturing the summer with virtually no public outcry. it is backed by the ruling united russia party, which is allied to president vladimir putin. supporters of the law sayt is simply a
is a transformative force in society. social entrepreneurship of coors is about thinking how to address public challenges in miniature for new rail manner, potentially envision new ventures, new pathways to make the most of that. so a lot of folks in this book you may save our social lunch burners. it's a great teaching here. i love this environment. i've got a colleague, brilliant man, great thinker on economics and a lot of other colleagues in different disciplines. luis shelley deserves a shadow. she is a global leader in documenting, researching and working practically in human trafficking. president obama said the global initiative announced in a major direction on this topic. very many people who work on this topic to help with the forward an agenda. but luis is one of them and she really deserves a lot of credit. >> host: we've been talking with philip auerswald. "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy," his most recent work. booktv on location at george mason university. >> host: >> it was almost two years ago i decided it was time to run a fact ba
on? ♪ it'sime to put a stop to this! yay-e, yay-e! [ male announcer ] the coors light silver bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. ♪ get out of my booth!!! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. heartburn symptoms causedelieve by acid reflux osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. deasy starting now, code as chair of the working group on islamism and the international louvre institution, "wall street journal" contributor. good to have you with this let's start with some woman with an a day. the president of egypt, the clerisy as new powers within a day of that cease-fire taking home. breathtaking arrogance how should we perceive this? >> this stunning display of flexibility on wednesday he brokers a deal between israel and hamas. he is the darling of the international community. he is praised by presid
a stop to this! yay-e, yay-e! [ male announcer ] the coors light silver bullet pint. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. ♪ get out of my booth!!! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. ♪ >> from the fox business studios in new york city, it's "the willis report" with gerri willis gerri: well, it was not too long ago our top leaders had a come by a moment at the white house. remember this? the president predicting april process during the fiscal cliff talks and even wishing the house speaker a happy birthday. still nowhere near a solution to the democrats balanced approach. >> we remain hopeful and optimistic that we can achieve a deal. he will not sign an extension of bush-era tax cuts for the top 2 percent. >> we have already done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. the richest of the rich will have to pay a little bit more. gerri: the voicef compromise. it will lead gop be forced to surrender their platform? let's ask our all-star political panel. former advisers to president george w. bush and daily beast columni
announcer ] the coors light silver bullet nt. it's bigger. it's resealable. it's still the coldest. don't yo it. don't you do it! [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the rld's most refreshin beer! neil: halftime, full throttle, you got to be in it to win it. if you are the government, you are app ways in it think about it tomorrow night's powerball, highest ever for now. david as man said -- a -- said @ does not matter who wins, governmental ways wins. >> absolutory right. this is poor people writing a check to the government most of it goes to the government, the people who can least afford it. but let's deal with overall figures, 2010 last time we could get numbers, about 59 billion-dollars span by american ocelotry tickets. that is a big chunk of change. and immediately, state's peal off about 18 billion from that 30% of that total right off the top to the state. they take that money, and some states designate it for particular things 30% in california goes to the education. that adds up to more than 1% of total. neill but they have been doing that for years, you would think that
will be restored once players return on ice. most say coors, miller light, bluemoon also brands that should continue to make money. industry consolidation, focus on pricing over volume and limited capex means brewers are becoming machines like tobacco. he's watching his stock portfolio go down each day and it's causing him to drink twice the amount of beer that he normally would watching hockey. so what's your favorite stock? not beer. >> all right. it's funny, because there have been many articles saying that people have consumed even more alcohol during the time in order to get them through. they had few comforts so they turned -- you don't want to do this at home necessarily, but they turned to alcohol, wine, and beer. >> i know i'm upset about this. i'm more inclined to grab a beer now with hockey over than i was before. >> i can see it. you're wearing a hideous shirt and tie combination. >> i don't even know how to take that. that's not even funny. her point, though, about beer stocks, i like budweiser, because the diverse lines -- so i'd go with budweiser over coors. >> pretty much tw
off gua. watch what happens to correspondent, anderson coor during a live report. "also 2 media centers... - kabooom!!! wow, well, that a rather large explosion" startled, cooper went to duk for cover. he continued the report, looking down the street to see what had been. cooper, was not hurt. president obama is in cambo, now... part of his trip to , that will include an east aa summit. earlier, he paid a historic visit visit to myanmar (mee-an-mar) ... also knowns burma. he's the first u-s president to visit the country... which has been mg a transition to democracy, r years of human rights abuse. he met with the longtime democracy advocate, "aung sn suu kyi (chee) ... then spoe at a university, an event broadcast throughout the country. "my discussions here...momem for democratization." white house aides say today. the president will discuss n white house aides say today. the president will discuss n rights concerns with longtie cambodian prime minister hun sen. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's lawrence. a 24- hour strike is expecto begin at the oakland airpord the
. ♪ john: we eat lots of peace in america and chicken, but what about coor's or zebra? why don't we eat those? aren't the kind of like cows? some of you shudder at the idea, and it is illegal in some places like california and illinois. conventional wisdom says it is not right to eat a zebra or a water buffalo or a horse. so how many of you are repulsed or bothered by the idea and would not do our taste test? a few of you. okay. it is just wrong. well, that is bought, says the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. beavercreek is a resort where guests pay to have zebra, water buffalo, and this cute animal. they eat what they kill command they eat it after it has been cut by the chef. so at their ranch people come for this. they are not squeamish. >> right. fourteen different varieties of animals. pick out which one you want to hunt for. the harvest the animal, bring it back and cook it. john: people say it tastes good. >> and it's better for you because it is leaner. i have been a chef for years. it beef from the grocery store verses cooking as zebra, if you cook it and put it on the gril
that's stepped up.... defensive end arthur jjnes.with more he joins bruce cunnnngham in our coors light silver spotlight. spotlight. wwile the n-f-l is , while the nnf-l is on week 11...high school football's wrapppng up. up.tomorrrw the private schools crown its the m-i-a-a division... rivals meet again... cclvertthall and gilman..both 8-and-2.they met ii october... with gilman came back to win the gaae... but on monday... when play resumed after a storm.gilman the favorite... looking to continue it's championship trend... the greyhounds have 11 titles....but whee they meet on the field... tradition doosn't matter... just x's and o's. donald davis::" we're going to have to limmt the ttrnnverr. hopefully on any mistakes they make or any short comiigs they may prreent during the course of the game."henry russell: "they've year. they spread it out, we're going to have to fiid a way to stop thht. in the first gameethis year,,14-3 after the first quarter so we know they're an explosive to find a way to slow them down a little bit." 3 remember you caa see tte security plus federa
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 67 (some duplicates have been removed)